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...easily upgradable to an electromagnetic door !

This all clear polycarbonate 4 way locking cat door is a strong and unobtrusive cat door. Ideal for installation into glass and is the only clear option that is upgradable to an electromagnetic if/when you need it at a later date.
The Transcat Cat Door can be easily installed into standard annealed glass by a qualified/competent glazier.
We're happy to advise on installation and can provide our professional installation service throughout the Auckland area - please call us on 0800 88 0800 to discuss or for a quote.
*NOTE toughened/tempered glass and also double glazing can NOT be cut directly into and the area may need to be reglazed .

Hole size required in glass = 267mm.

Total diameter of cat door ( including frame ) = 287mm


This cat door is one of the largest available into glass and is ideal for Rag Doll and Maine Coone breeds also. 

We recommend a 'Maxi' door for small dogs though as it has a slightly larger flap size and rounder edges  (please see our Dog Door options).


This cat door is easily upgradable to an electromagnetic cat door if/when you get problems with neighbours cats coming in and eating your pets food or 'spraying' in your home... the removable weakened section can be easily removed and the Transcat Electromagnetic Upgrade can be installed (this can be done by you or call us for advice) - you will find the upgrade available here on our shopping pages.



Your pet and its welfare is of utmost importance to us - we are the original pet door specialists here in Auckland and have an unsurpassed reputation for our product knowledge and the service we provide... we strive to advise you of the best product for your personal needs ...if it won't look good and be beneficial for you AND your pet we won't recommend it or sell you the product ! 

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Transcat Upgradeable Cat Door - glass fitting

  • Brand: Transcat
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