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   Samson waits for Dad to come home from installing pet doors throughout Auckland...


I'm emailing my fan letter as I'm not on Facebook.  At Christmas time I purchased a SureFlap microchip cat door from you. 
It replaced an old door with a cardboard flap as the original flap had been broken by a Ragamuffin cat escaping from the house. 
Over time I had trouble with a stroppy stray cat that made itself at home in my place and gave my wee cat Rory a hard time. 
A windfall enabled me to buy the microchip door to replace the old one.

The door has made all the difference.  It took about 2 months for Rory to come right and now he's even more smoochy than ever. 
Having an absolutely secure cat door that others can't use creates such a serene atmosphere in the house, there's just the two of us!
It's also quite a laugh to think that my cat has more access to the inside of the house from the outside than I, the owner, has … 
as of course I can't get the door to open without a microchip from the outside!
So thanks for an awesome product, price was great, service outstanding and Rory loves his gift - the catnip toy you sent.
Kind regards    –    Alison Marshall                                                                                                                     (and Rory …)