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Other Services

   A variety of quality brands - cat and dog doors supplied around New Zealand - 
                                                                            Installation available throughout Auckland into glass, timber or aluminium

Quality cat and dog doors supplied around New Zealand and supplied/installed throughout Auckland with a professional finish into glass, timber and aluminium. We're here to advise you of the best and most suitable option for your animals needs when purchasing a pet door.
When it comes to installing your pet door, our motto is 'if we can't make it look good, we won't do the job!'
ALL of the cat doors we deal with are 4 way locking (can be locked so the cats can get in/not out, out/not in, open both directions or locked completely) - allowing ease of trapping the little monkeys at vet visit time or if you like to ‘curfew’ your cat/s at night etc!
The larger dog doors we deal with have a barrier to lock them off when not in use, allowing the dogs to actually SEE they can't get through, when the door is locked off, saving them damaging themselves OR the pet door!


Spare parts and servicing available for cat / dog doors

Spare parts are available on the brands we supply, and sometimes we can source parts for your existing doors if required. Just call us to discuss or flick us an email with a picture of your existing pet door, we'll help if we can or advise on the next best option if parts aren't available for your existing pet door.


Pet recuperation / retainment cages for hire / sale

We carry various sizes of collapsible crates for cats and dogs. All cages/crates are powder coated wire, totally collapsible,
hinged lockable doors on a side and at one end, with removable plastic trays for easy cleaning.
*NOTE - these crates are not suitable for air travel, contact the airline you and your pet are flying with for the correct
specifications on the crates required when travelling by aeroplane.

Our crates/cages are available for hire throughout Auckland (cat and dog sizes), usually for just $25 per 7 day week.
Pick up/return is in Albany and after hours can be arranged if/when necessary. 
Emergency/After Hours number = 021 802074
A deposit or eftpos details re: normal hiring protocol is required and deliveries/pick-ups can be organised (extra cost incurred).
All cages will be cleaned, disinfected and dried prior to hiring, maintaining your pets health and safety.


All your glazing needs

Greg is a certified, fully qualified glazier, who prides himself on his product knowledge, professional approach and finish to all jobs.



Your personal satisfaction guaranteed
with a promise of quality workmanship.

                   Any glaziers who work for us are also fully qualified and we expect from them 
the same respect for our clients and their property that we give!