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  • Trouble & Trix 'Bliss Catnip Balls/Cubes'

Catnip soft toys designed to entice your cats natural instincts to hunt and play using sound, sight and touch.
Three catnip cubes with plush inner material and crinkling foil to entice your cat to play and hunt – they will provide hours of enjoyment.
The cubes/balls are light weight with knitted/plush fabric for cats to hook with their claws or to toss and chase.

If your cat has the catnip ‘gene’ then they’re going to LOVE these 3 toys, you can give them all three at once or just hand them out as they need/want them.

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Trouble & Trix 'Bliss Catnip Balls/Cubes'

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  • Product Code: Trouble & Trix 'Bliss Catnip Balls/Cubes'
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