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This Cat Mate large cat/small dog door is a 4 way locking pet door designed for large cats (ideal for Rag Doll and Maine Coon breeds) and small dogs under 35cm to the shoulder at adult height.
It has a 4 way locking system of 2x red and 2x green push/sliding latches at the base of the frame. Ideal for wooden or aluminium door installation - it will self line to a depth of 50mm - covering the internal cut/cavity of the door it's installed into, you can install this pet flap into a wall but you will need to adapt/line the internal cavity of the wall.
No bulky frames on this door - it's 2cm white frame ensures a nice, crisp looking door from the external and the internal views, this door remains one of the most popular large cat/small dog doors for wooden or aluminium installation and it can be easily installed with just the need of a drill, jigsaw and screwdriver. (template included)

-  Cut out size of 227mm x 210mm (this door is NOT designed for installation into glass - please see our other glass fitting options available, requiring a circular cut out if your existing door/position is glass).

-  The overall size of this door is 252mm tall x 235mm wide - that is TOTAL SIZE of frame etc.

-  The flap size is approx. 190mm x 180mm - this tinted flap includes a draught-strip around the flap to help keep out the wind/draughts and a magnet draws the flap back after only a few swings after use.

-  It is self lining up to 50mm.

-  Replacement parts available.

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Cat Mate Large Cat/Small Dog Door - wooden/aluminium fitting

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