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Ideal for cats under 6kg. If you have a larger cat please see the SureFlap Pet Door option as it is specifically designed for larger breeds, bigger domestic cats, also very small dogs therefore we would recommend that size for over 6kg pets.

This microchip cat flap is designed for easy installation into wooden doors and is self-lining to a depth of 70mm.
It can also be installed into walls - with the use of the tunnel extenders we have available, the amount of extenders you will need will depend on the wall depth you are installing into… the tunnel of the Cat Door is 70mm and each tunnel extender adds 50mm to the length of the cat door’s tunnel – generally 2 extenders are required for most New Zealand wall depths – see ‘related products’ below for extenders/options.

Overall size incl. frame =  210mm x 210mm

Flap size = 145mm x140mm

RFID collar tags available for cats who are not microchipped - these can be worn on their collar and programmed to the microchip door.

Keeps out unwanted 'visitors' - only unlocks for microchips/RFID collar tags coded to the door by you.                               
No need for your cat to wear a collar - unlocked by your cats existing microchip OR you can purchase an RFID tag for collar use if preferred.

Compatible with standard NZ microchips & 9,10 digit (FDXA - except those starting 000....010... or 020...) & 15 digit-( FDXB ) microchips.


This door can code/hold up to 32 microchips in it's memory so ideal for homes with multiple cats. 


Battery operated ( 4x top quality Duracell Copper Top alkaline AA - included with your purchase today ) 

6 months or more typical battery life 

Includes 4-way manual lock 

If installing this micro door into glass or an aluminium door at a later date - just purchase a Cat Door Glass Adapter and it can be installed into glass or a circular cut out in aluminium (the adapter is recommended when installing into aluminium doors etc as it keeps the sensors/unit as far from the aluminium as possible, ensuring no interference with the reading of the microchips.)
If you are in the Auckland area and wish to have your door installed also - please call us on 415 0880 before purchasing for applicable costs.

Your catflap comes with a 3 year warranty which is valid and honoured by us here in NZ as registered distributors.

We are always available for installation advice if you require it, or if you have any product questions or queries. 

Your pet and its welfare is of utmost importance to us - we are the original pet door specialists here in Auckland and have an unsurpassed reputation for our product knowledge and the service we provide... we strive to advise you of the best product for your personal needs ...if it won't look good and be beneficial for you AND your pet we won't recommend it or sell you the product ! 
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SureFlap Microchip Cat Door - wooden fitting (including batteries)

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