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Dog Doors

Quality brands of dog doors … SureFlap, Pet-Tek, Catwalk, Dogwalk, Transcat, PetMate, CatMate, DogMate and Pet-corp dog flaps available for installation into glass, wooden doors or aluminium panels/doors.

Call, email or online ‘chat’ us for advice if you are not sure which product will be best for you and your dog, it will depend on what you are installing into – see our glass, wooden and aluminium options.
It will also depend on the size of your dog - measure your dog from the ground to the top of their shoulder blades (at adult height) and see our ‘refine search’ for the small dog door, medium dog door and large dog door requirements/details.

Pick Up is available from our Auckland branch in Albany, just call for details.

NOTE* you can always add a toy or treat to bring your purchase to over $85 so we’ll cover your shipping for you!

Dog Mate Large Dog Door

Dog Mate Large Dog Door

 Ideal for larger breeds of dogs such as Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Alsations/German Shepher..


Includes GST

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