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 Ideal for larger breeds of dogs such as Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Alsations/German Shepherds etc! 
Wood or Aluminium Fitting Door ( or you can order cut out in toughened glass before toughening process - can't cut square directly into normal glass and use it... it would crack from corners!). 

-White frame 

-2 way Locking Security Panel that 'lugs' into place from the inside of your home- safer than latches which dogs don't usually STOP to look for! 
ALSO one of the most secure-the barrier, unlike latches, stops people being able to undo latches like on other brands/large doors and crawl through! 

-large size, suitable for large size dogs but also cat friendly ...(lightweight flap) 

overall size = 441mm tall x 366mm wide 
and its depth ( this is from the glass/wood out to edge of dog door frame ) is approx. 22mm on each side ie:inside of home and outside. 
Total depth of course depends on what thickness door/wall/window you're putting it into!!! - bear in mind the depth of this dog door if putting into ranch sliders, bi fold doors etc ( you need to check your doors will open over the top of this dog door ! ) 
Flap size = 375mm x 300mm. 
Self-lining to a depth of 55mm ( 2" ) also ideal for thinner wooden panels and can be cut into screens.

-Magnets at the base of the flap draws flap back after only a couple of swings, also prevents flap blowing in draughts ! 

-Suitable for dogs up to 63cm or 25" ADULT shoulder height ( check with your pets breeder or vet if you are unsure of height )...important to get right size door to prevent squeezing through- which may cause hip or back problems ( and vet bills!) later in your pets life! 

3-year warranty on this Petmate/Dogmate door. 

A GREAT, strong and sturdy door for your pet. 

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Dog Mate Large Dog Door

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