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This Cat Mate 4 way locking cat door has a locking system of 1x red and 1x green push/sliding latches at the base of the frame. Ideal for wooden or aluminium door installation - it will self line to a depth of 50mm - covering the internal cut/cavity of the door it's installed into.
No bulky frames on this door - it's 2cm white frame ensures a nice, crisp looking door from the external and the internal views, this door remains one of the most popular standard cat doors for wooden or aluminium installation for standard sized cats and can be easily installed with just the need of a drill, jigsaw and screwdriver. (template included)

-  Cut out size of 174mm x 165mm (this door is NOT designed for installation into glass - please see our glass fitting option, requiring a circular cut out if your existing door/position is glass).

-  The overall size of this door is 200mm tall x 192mm wide - that is TOTAL SIZE of frame etc.

-  The flap size is approx. 145mm x 145mm - this tinted flap includes a draught-strip around the flap to help keep out the wind/draughts and a magnet draws the flap back after only a few swings after use.

-  It is self lining up to 50mm.

-  We do not advise this door for a Rag Doll or Maine Coon cats or cats over 5.5kg as your cat may struggle to use it ... please see our other doors for the large cat/small dog option.

-  Replacement parts available.

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Cat Mate Standard 4 Way Locking Cat Door with liner - wooden/aluminium fitting

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